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14 Tips To Pass Your Co-op Board Interview

The Success Guide To Buying Your Manhattan Home – Step 9

1. Think of your board interview as you would a job interview. Dress in conservative business attire

2. Answer only the questions given to you. No need to give additional info.

3. Try not to ask too many questions. You are the one being interviewed.

4. Don’t be offended if they ask personal questions. That is just part of the process

5. In this day and age realize that board members are going to Google you. Make sure that what you are telling the board about your job, life situation matches what comes up on line. Delete social media posts that may give the board the impression that you would make a bad neighbor.

6. Avoid hot topic buttons that you would avoid in a job interview such as politics, religion.

7. Even if you have a burning desire to serve on the board one day don’t mention it. Board members like to keep their positions. Mention that you think they do a great job managing the building. If they need your help in the future then you would consider being on the board.

8. Don’t mention your plans for renovation inside your apartment. Tell them you have no immediate plans for renovation. Boards dread the disturbance that renovation causes and you need not cause them concern.

9. When asked if you have parties or entertain a lot say that you prefer entertaining your guests outside your apartment.

10. When asked why you chose the apartment and neighborhood simply say that you love the apartment what the building has to offer and why you desire the neighborhood. Don’t over share and risk revealing too much.

11. When the board asks what you do in your spare time answer by keeping your answer clean and simple. This question can trip you up if you aren’t careful.

12. Do not bring gifts or flowers

13. Board interviews can range from exchanging simple niceties to an all-out inquisition.

14. Do consult your real estate broker for expert coaching. It is your broker’s responsibility to know as much about the board interviewing process and coach you into being an expert. Every board is different. Your broker should know the small intricacies of the board you are interviewing with to make sure your efforts are focused in the right areas.