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How to Hire the Best Real Estate Broker – A Guide to Selling Your Manhattan Home

Select a real estate broker who has many years of experience, an encyclopedic knowledge of the market, an excellent track record and whose prime focus is marketing and selling properties.

The relationship that you have with your real estate broker can be very close. Make sure that the broker you hire is one that you are comfortable interacting with on a regular basis and one you can trust to have your best interests.

how to hire the best real estate broker

Hiring a real estate broker who is highly skilled in negotiations is key to selling your Manhattan home.

The real estate broker should provide you with a very aggressive, comprehensive and strategic marketing plan that includes the following:

  • The best physical or digital staging. Your property must look its best online where most buyers begin their search.
  • Creative property and neighborhood videos. Videos are key today in capturing buyers’ attention. Properties sometimes get offers just from a buyer viewing the property video!
  • Promotion of your property to brokers and buyers through multiple media channels. Such as a wide number of websites, social media, email marketing and direct mail.
  • Has the best domestic and international broker networks to expose your home to the widest audience of buyers.

The broker you hire should be the one primarily showing your home not some junior team member. How your home is presented and what is said or not said can be the difference between a buyer moving forward with an offer or checking your home off their list!

Open houses if permitted are a very important way to promote your property. Nothing beats seeing and experiencing a property in person. It is important your broker conducts the open houses to promote your home and not delegate the job to some team member. In order for open houses to generate excellent attendance they need to be creatively promoted on websites, social media and through email campaigns.

Correct pricing is critical in getting your home best positioned in the market place. Pricing is both an art and a science. Having the most advanced price analyzing tools and knowing how to use them is a science. The art comes from the broker’s skill set in interpreting the data and being able to identify the nuances of difference and adjust the price accordingly. Over- priced properties are ignored by buyers and most often sell for less than if correctly priced when listed. Don’t be tempted to select the broker on price alone. Unfortunately some brokers use this tactic to just secure your listing or they just don’t have a good pricing skill set.

The broker you select needs to be highly skilled in negotiations. The right strategy and keen negotiation skills can be the difference between getting not only an accepted offer or not but the highest possible offer from the most qualified buyer.

The best broker has a high level of emotional intelligence. Real estate transactions involve a large cast of people from buyers, other brokers, real estate attorneys, mortgage brokers, vendors, inspectors, appraisers, property managers, boards to the building staff. The broker needs to be able to relate effectively with all of them in order to keep the transaction going as smoothly as possible.

If you follow my advice in selecting the best broker for marketing and selling your home you will be able to feel a high level of certainty that you home will get sold in the marketing time frame and at the highest price possible.