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The Nine Types Of Buyers You Will Find At Open Houses

1. The Eternal Renter – These are buyers who have been renting forever and have been looking to buy for an eternity. They go out every Sunday looking for their dream home and never but never pull the trigger to buy.

2. The Voyeurs – These are buyers who indulge in looking at real estate. It is their obsession and they are out every Sunday looking! They gawk at every article in an apartment like they are looking in an art museum. Open houses are one of their favorite past times.

3. The Wafflers – They are undecided about whether to move or not. They most likely going to move to the suburbs and are hoping to find one last acceptable apartment before they have to move. Most the time they end up moving to the suburbs.

4. An unengaged couple looking to buy an apartment together – All their friends and family think it is a stupid idea. They are not going to move forward with a purchase without the blessing of their friends and family.

5. The New Bachelor post-divorce – They are either very happy or sulking depending on the situation. They tend to be very emotional and tend to rent first to try out their new lifestyle prior to buying. Some bachelors rent in hotels with services until they find their next partner or wife.

6. The Nosy Neighbors – They want to check and see if the owner renovated the apartment and take a look.

7. The post college young woman and her parents – She wants to rent downtown with her friends where it is cool! However, her parents. Her parents want to buy her a one bedroom in Yorkville. This story is the same for the post graduate young men.

8. Empty Nesters – They moved to the suburbs raised their children and now want to move back. That is the deal that was made when they originally left the city.

9. The Perfect Buyer – The perfect buyer is always out there and when they come and see your apartment they will fall in love and make an offer.

Your broker needs to possess a finely-honed skillset to be able to separate the potential serious buyers from the time wasters while remaining gracious to all the buyers who attend your open house.