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How to Prepare Your Home for Sale – Guide to Selling Your Home in Manhattan

A key piece to selling your home in Manhattan is proper preparation and staging. Here are my top tips for preparing your home for potential buyers.

Paint The Walls! A fresh coat of paint is a cost effective way to make a place feel fresh.

Shine The Floors! Unless your floors are severely damaged there is no need to have them refinished.

Light It Up! Every room should have at least 3 points of light from a table lamp , a floor lamp and a task light for example or an overhead fixture and a couple of table lamps. Replace light bulbs with incandescent bulbs, preferably on dimmers. Fluorescent lighting is so unflattering!

Clean Up The Bathrooms! Replace missing tiles, re-caulking areas that need it. Re-glaze the tub if it is looking dingy! You can also change the color of colored wall tiles by re-glazing if they are in good shape.

Upgrade The Kitchen! While upgrading your kitchen is a sure way to a faster sale and a higher price it is possible to fix your kitchen without a complete renovation. A fresh coat of paint and new hardware will help refresh old cabinets. Peel and stick wall tiles can be used to refresh the back splashes. Epoxy coating can give laminate countertops a new look and feel… looks like a granite industrial finish. About old appliances! It may not be worth the cost to install new high end appliances however if you can get them at deeply discounted price then it makes sense to upgrade the appliances.

Clear The Clutter! You probably don’t realize how much stuff you have and how it may deter buyers. My rule of thumb is to get rid of 50% of your stuff! This includes books, furniture, excess clothes hanging in closets, knick-knacks, and photos. Store your personal effects such as razors, shampoo bottles, hair dryers etc. prior to showings.

Do a deep cleaning! Have your windows professionally cleaned. Have your entire home deep cleaned. Buyers look at all the details!

Any signs of water damage or holes should be repaired including windows and mirrors.

Your doorbell should work perfectly! First impressions count!

What can you do to enhance a bad view or no view! I have some trade secrets that I use to expand your space.

Fresh flowers and or plants always make a difference. Window boxes with plants can enhance a bad view.

Scented candles help reduce odors. Bad odors repel buyers!

Add accessories to “warm up a home”

Replace and or remove items of furniture to improve the “value” image of the space. Renting an expensive chair could adjust the buyer’s eye s to the possibility of the space being very expensive looking.

Remember that most untrained buyers look at furnishings and décor before they see the fundamentals of the space Furnishing an apartment well is a smart investment. Artwork can often substitute for a less impressive view.

Professional staging can do wonders to make your home sell. Staging a large home can be somewhat expensive. Digital staging can be used very effectively to fill empty homes or homes with furnishings that don’t show well. Digital staging can be partial or complete. Digital staging can totally transform a home by changing the wall covering, drapes, floors, rugs, furnishings, rugs, art etc. It can even change kitchen cabinets, sinks etc. The digital stager I use is the best in the industry. We collaborate and this firm never disappoints.

For more information on how to present your home, contact me for a consultation.