Carol Staab
Associate Broker
Douglas Elliman
111 Fifth Avenue
New York , NY 10003

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Sharron Dorram “A-list colorist to the stars” & Damian Krause her husband – 345 Greenwich Street #4B

?As you know I own a high end hair salon off Fifth Avenue and have access to the best of everything especially real estate brokers.

We looked for a long time to choose the best broker until we found you. All the other brokers discouraged us for wanting to get our price. Only you encouraged us to stay the course and ask for the full amount because you knew our loft was so special. As a result of your clever marketing and your dynamic personality we secured a family to rent not just for one year but for 3 years!

We were so impressed with your enthusiasm and determination that we most definitely would give you the exclusive aga
in either to rent or sell.